Your Order has Shipped

I am a multi-business owner. I help my husband, who is an adventure blogger ( and I may have an obsession with Scentsy. This year, I decided to buy in so I could get all of my bars and warmers at a discount. There was a time I was an advocate for doTerra and Advocare…I have done so many things. THEN…Mr. Adventure decided to start making custom vinyl. He ordered a machine, some vinyl, watched some YouTube and opened up his own Etsy shop! He has done well with his vinyl stickers and I would often share ideas of new vinyls with him. Some of them were not in the “theme” of adventure. In fact, lately, none of them have been. I had been customizing my own stickers and vinyl for my pen pal letters and my blackout journal. (I was having the most difficult time finding stickers that I loved!)

So, that was it. I decided I was going to open up a shop of my own and offer all of the things I had designed for my own personal use. Guess what happened??!! I got my first and second orders within days of each other! It was so fast, in fact, I hadn’t even worked out my packaging yet!

We already had ordered a TON of black enveloped for WEadventureNW, so I knew I wanted to use those for April Scribbles as well. I will most likely do a whole blog post on marketing, so I will leave you with the photos above and a small celebration of #1 and #2!! Ladies, your orders have shipped!!!

Happy writing friends,


Coupon Code: WORD25
Receive 25% off your entire order with no minimum purchase from April 29–May 5, 2018! Simply make your selections and enter the coupon code: WORD25 at the time of checkout.


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