Affirmation Walls

This is where you are safe.


a28920aa650b409829b009e603c0ee4ae39e21d4f19a9453c1c4513f7969b23fI saw this on Pinterest about a month ago and really embraced the concept.

  • Child’s Room
  • Hallway
  • Living Room
  • Office
  • Guest Bedroom
  • Guest Bathroom
  • Reading Nook
  • Nursery

I think the sky is the limit on this one. I love the idea of having my favorite pictures mixed in with some of my favorite quotes. I also cut custom vinyl, when I am not blogging and replying to my fabulous pen pals. I would be happy to help you turn this into a reality in your home. I think my favorite place would be a child’s room. Oooh, or a home office. I can think of soooo many wonderful quotes I would put on the walls.


Let me know when you are ready to make this for your home. I will message you here and then we can move over to Etsy. If it is easier for you, pop on over to Etsy and send me a direct message letting me know you are interested in some custom vinyl for your affirmation wall. AND…if you mention this blog, I will give you a 15% discount on your entire order!!!

Click here to be taken to Etsy.

Or fill out the form below to get started…

Until next time,


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