Blackout Journal

The Blackout Journal

I saw one of these on YouTube. The lady was writing in white gel pen and I was completely smitten by the look. So, of course I went to Amazon and ordered myself a blackout journal. Now, the pages on this one is absolutely blank. There are no lines, no dots, no squares. So, if you need those, this may not be the best option for you.

When I began to use a bullet journal, I was adamant that I wanted all of my lines to be straight. I used a ruler for a very long time. Same with using washi tape in my journal: I would be sure to use a ruler to cut the tape rather than tear it with my fingers. As you can see from the photo above, I not longer do any of that. I also had a fetish with my penmanship back in the early days. I thought of my journal more of a piece of art than an actual useful piece of property in my bag. Now, I am in love with the hap-hazard ways of my useful journal that sure, is not equally distributed at all. I also enjoy the occasional scribble! And…I am REALLY looking forward to the delivery of my Ulta order this week and well as our quick camping adventure this weekend. (I do hope it stops raining!!)

Until next time,


Link to the items I used:
Dots stickers from:ย AprilScribbles
Blackout Journal from: Amazon
Stickers from: AprilScribbles
White Gel Pens from: Amazon
Butterfly Stickers from: AprilScribbles


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