Make it Custom

Custom Cover

I have an Erin Condren LifePlanner that I use at work. It is perfect for all the things I need to keep track of, but not so perfect for my other lives. I mean, I would rather spend HOURS setting up my Bullet Journals than my EC. I think it is because my journals are truly blank canvases when I start. With that though, I do like a custom cover. I have sooooooooooooo (breath) oooooooooooo many journals and notebooks. Most of them are black and most of them are the same size. Now, a few I use daily, but there are others I use on occasion. Like, I have an adventure journal in our camp trailer. I have a, “No Tomorrow” journal to help me keep track of my bucket list and I have a pen pal notebook I use to keep track of my pen pal letters, addressed and mail tags. (That one is my favorite of all of them!!) Anyway, I decided to start making some custom vinyl lettering for each one to set it apart from the others. Yes, I absolutely offer these in my shop on Etsy and I would be so happy to help you customize something special for your notebooks/journals.


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