Hi! Welcome April Scribbles Blog. I am an avid lover of all things associated with writing. I began writing at the ripe ol’ age of seven. My father delivered a typewriter to me and I sat on my bedroom floor for hours at a time typing story after story until finally I became obsessed with the art of telling a story.

Pen Pal (1989)

When I was twelve, my family relocated to another state and I wrote a short story about the move. I also shared my feelings at the time since I was in a new school and was trying to make new friends. I won an award for that story! It simply fueled the writing passion I had even more. When we moved back to my home state, I exchanged addresses with my best friend and promised I would write as soon as I could. Fast-forward nearly thirty years and she and I still pen letters to one another.


I decided a few years ago to return to college. Guess what classes were my favorites? No, no, not Science! Actually, I did take an Oceanography class that blew me away, but for the most part my love was once again: writing. My writing instructors were hands down amazing! During college, and working full time at the police department, I began writing a non-fiction comedy about my life. It took me less than two years to write it, have it edited and publish it on Amazon. Seriously, it took me longer to earn my Associates Degree than it did to complete the book! I have a couple of non-fiction books now available on Amazon. I will link those below if you want to check them out.


Today, I spend a lot of time in my bullet journal. I track my pen pal letters incoming and outgoing as well as address. I also like to journal my days as it helps me to write the next letter to my pen pal. I will most likely share some of my journal pages here. Perhaps even offer some downloads in the future, we will have to see.

DIY & Crafts

I love making and decorating my envelopes! I also have a Silhouette Cameo to make some awesome stickers and vinyls. I am more than sure I will show some cool ways to enhance your letters, envelopes and goodies to your pen pals. If there’s something specific you would like to see in a blog post or video, please let me know. I will put a comment link below as well…

Books available on Amazon: